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Raar & MO*Town / Kavel O Amsterdam Sloterdijk

May 29, 2018

Raar doet mee aan de tender voor Kavel O (Blok 6, 8 & 9A). Onderdeel van het team ERA Contour & BPD zijn wij één van de vier architecten die mee werken. De Zwarte Hond is coordinerd architect, Raar, Urban Echoes & CC Studio zullen werken aan de diverse MO blokken. Heb je interesse in dit project? Of wil je zelf graag je unieke woning ontwerpen naast Amsterdam Sloterdijk? Kijk dan op de website: https://www.nieuwbouwmotown.nl/

Ontwerp voor hoofdkantoor langs de A2

May 29, 2018

Deze week hebben wij het ontwerp afgerond en gepresenteerd voor een nieuw kantoor in Haarrijn. Het nieuwe hoofdkantoor (600 m2) & opslag (1400 m2) is ontworpen voor een aannemersbedrijf in Utrecht. Binnekort meer info op de website!

The Berlage Masterclass '68

May 13, 2018

Deze week zal Ramon Scharff deelname aan de Architecture Theory Masterclass aan The Berlage. Deze week zullen we de effecten op architectuur bekijken van de gebeurtenissen rond Mei 1968 in Parijs.


"Fifty years after students took to the streets of Paris, the Berlage is organizing a weeklong theory master class exploring how the events of May 1968 were symbolic of social change and political upheaval across the world. Participants will speculate on the legacy of May 1968, examining its history, representation, and construction from a contemporary perspective. The master class will include presentations by renowned scholars and conclude with a cinematic pop-up exhibition, entitled "Encountering 1968," tracing the role of architecture to the events of May 1968.

What were the achievements and shortcomings of the events of May 1968? How was May 1968 particular to Paris; while, at the same time, reflective of a worldwide zeitgeist? What were the consequences on architecture education and discourse? What is the relationship between the architecture of a school and its curriculum? How does the particularity of a place influence thought? Does objective reality exist in an era of "post-truth"? When the personal becomes political, can film and narrative make one conscious of reality?"

Fieldtrip Ireland & Noord-Ierland

May 06, 2018

Als onderdeel van de thesis preperation workshop zijn wij afgelopen week meegweest op fieldtrip naar Ierland.


"The Berlage thesis fieldtrip to Ireland & Northern Ireland. In the coming week we will explore the Atlantic corridor between Sligo & Londonderry with a focus on the rural and the countryside. What are the spatial consequences for the rural with this infrastructural rebalancing project?"

P_0202 Woonhuis Castricum

April 21, 2018

Wij hebben een opdracht gekregen voor het verduurzamen & uitbreiden van een vrijstaande woning in Castirum! Snel meer info op de architecture pagina.

P_0099 Terrace Michel-Inn

February 19, 2014

This week we started on one of our new small projects. We will re-design the terrace of restaurant Michel-Inn at the Transvaalbuurt in Amsterdam-east. We will focus on some new blinds above the terrace. So visitors can stay longer and also enjoy the long warm evenings at this tapas-pizza restaurant!

Lecture IJburgcollege

January 30, 2014

Today Ramon gave a Lecture on the IJburgcollege for 3rd years HAVO-VWO students. They have presentations during the year for different Jobs. So they can make a better choice wich study directions they want to choose.

P_0068 Tunnelvisie

January 23, 2014

Sam van Dorp and Ramon Scharff received a subsidy for their design research to the possibilities of multifunctional use of tunnels and underpasses in Amsterdam. The subsidy is given by the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creatieve industrie.

P_0036 Dutch Defender

December 19, 2013

The competition entry for the Evolo Skyscraper competition 2012, Dutch Defender is published in the new book Evolo Skyscrapers 2. A compilation of entries of the last years at the Evolo Skyscraper competitions. The competition entry is made by Christiaan Schuit, Tugrul Avuclu, Pim van Tol, Milad Palesh, Frank van Zuilekom & Abdessamed Azarfane.

Order the book here: shop.evolo.us/product/evolo-skyscrapers-2-limited-edition-book

P_0065 Europan 12 Groningen

December 30, 2013

The Project of Dingeman Deijs and Ramon Scharff was selected into the final round of the Europan 12, location Groningen. The project is called Activating, Experimenting, Structuring. The strategy is to position temporary activities wich will activate the area, after experimenting different temporary activities this can lead to a new definitive structures.

P_0092 Broodpower in Metro!

December 10, 2013

P_0092 Broodpower subsidy

November 29, 2013

Together with de Academie van de Stad, Ramon Scharff, Joris Smit and Tim Hoogendijk have made a plan to prevent pigeon disturbance. The disturbance starts by people who leave their old breads in gardens and inner gardens of buildings. Throwing bread at your garbage is a bad thing in some religions. Pigeons like to stay in the area because of the old food. We will collect the old bread together with local children at peoples homes.

After collecting we will put the bread in a fermantation machine wich wel ferment the bread into bio-gas. The gas will be collected in a gas-bag and we can use this gas as a new energy source to cook, bake and heat!

P_0088 Zebraplein is 'Het Beste Idee van Transvaal'

November 24, 2013

Dingeman Deijs and Ra-ar received a subsidy to discover the possibilities of the transformation of the Steve Bikoplein in the Transvaal Area in Amsterdam. Together with Transvaal residents, we will organize workshops to discover the wishes and possibilities of the residents. We won the subsidy with a plan for a Zebra square. This is just a first idea. And is to inspire people and residents.




P_0091 Zwammen in Transvaal is 'Het Beste Idee van Transvaal'

November 24, 2013

Raar and de Stuurlui Stedenbouw received a subsidy fort heir project ‘Zwammen in Transvaal’ With this project we are going to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds. We will collect the ground at local coffee corners. Together with residents of the Transvaal area, we will make a real mushroom farm at the Hertzogstraat.​

See the website of De Stuurlui Stedenbouw here: www.destuurlui.nl

P_0016 Herengracht 116

October 25, 2013

This week we will almost finish the work at the Herengracht at the city center in Amsterdam. The glass bricks are almost mounted into the side façade. Only the re-plastering of the back facade has to be done and the redesigning of the interior.

Visionair 'Second Sun'

October 15, 2013

The competition entry Second Sun is published at the Dutch magazine ‘de Architect’ in the section ‘Visionair’

Fieldtrip Seefeld Oostenrijk

October 15, 2013

Last weekend Raar visited Seefeld in Tirol. For two new projects, we did a site visit for the possibilities for the transformation of an existing chalet en the designing of a new house in the center of the village.

P_0061 Publication Recycle Heliopolis

September 22, 2013

The project Recycle Heliopolis is publication in the Brazilian book ‘Contemporary Urban Design in Brazil’

The part about the project is written by Carlos Leite, a professor at the Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo.

More information about the book here: www.archdaily.com.

Fieldtrip India

August 09, 2013

Last weeks we went to India. An inspiring country with a lot of chances in the field of architecture. For example the producing landscapes on this picture. There are some local brick fabrics located in the places where there is use full ground. The labor conditions are really bad, but the concept is inspiring, make products in the place where they should be made. What can we learn of this way of working? Check the website the coming months!

Raar has Moved!

August 22, 2013

From now Ra-ar established in the Da Vinci Creative Spaces!

The new office address and telephone number:


Nieuwpoortkade 2a
1055 RX Amsterdam
+ 31 20 60 60 934


Directions to the office


Take the Amsterdam ring road A10and then exit S103 Westerpark. You enter the Haarlemmerweg. You see the mill on your right hand, then turn right, then immediately left again and follow the road to the right. You are now in front of the Da VinciCreativespaces.  


Public Transport
From Amsterdam Central Station: take Bus 21 towards Geuzeveld. Get off at the stop Vredenhof. Walk towards the mill and
behindit you see the Da Vinci Creative spaces.

From Sloterdijk: Tram 12 direction Amstel. Get off at the stop Bos and Lommerweg. Walk something back to the intersection and go right on to Bos and Lommerweg. Then, take the 3rd street on your right. This is the Nieuwpoortstraat. At the parking place, turn left. The entrance of the Da Vinci Creative spaces is on your left.

P_0069 Honourable mention Mirror Fence

June 16, 2013

The entry for the beautification of the fencing of the transformer station in Delft received an honourable mention. Competition entry was together with Dingeman Deijs.


June 02, 2013

In response to the ‘Week van het Lege Gebouw’ there are three teams invited to pitch their ideas on the PROVADA in the RAI. On behalf of team WOERK Leonoor Clemens and Ramon Scharff were sent to present the plan for the transformation into a Residential and office buildingTogether with two other teams of the ‘Week van het Lege Gebouw’ there was a pitch given at the stand of the Rijksgebouwdienst. (the owner of the object)

See here the announcement of the pitch on the PROVADA:

Week van het Lege Gebouw

May 31, 2013

Ramon participated in the Week van het Lege Gebouw. Behalf of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture In a team of eight students. They worked for a week on the redevelopment / new operating model for the vacant property at Raamweg 47. This building used to house Interpol and is vacant for a long time now. Our proposal is focused on the service aimed living on the international market, especially for expats.

See the website of the ‘Week van het Lege Gebouw’:

P_0031 Shortlisted EAAE

May 31, 2013

The project "De Straten" was submitted for the competition UNKNOWN open housing as a problem. A competition organized by the EAAE (European Association for Architecture Education). Ramon entered his project on behalf of the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam. "de Straten" is eventually shortlisted with a 9th place. In total there were 40 entries. The project "de Straten" is about the transformation of cultural heritage in the housing for the Elderly. Two problems, which are present in Amsterdam. The amount of vacant properties and the lack of proper senior housing.

See the website & results of the competition: www.uauim.ro/en/unknown/

Winterterm 'de Verborgen Gracht'

January 30, 2013

Last week Ramon Scharff, Roy Maarseveen & Mathe Kranenburg worked as a team at the Winterrerm, ‘de verborgen gracht’. The aim was to redefine de stadhouderskade and the design for a transfer point at the location of the Weteringschans. Our proposal was more than just the redefining of the canal. We propose to connect the other side of Amsterdam with the canal and make the city better accessible. A second inner-ring, in this way this ring will provide a better connection to the city center.

P_0023 TK Storage

December 25, 2012

Last week the final design is completed for TK-Storage Complex in Utrecht. The construction of a storage center. Especially at this building is that it will be located in the water. And the construction will be made out of the reuse of containers. A total of 64 containers will be used to create all the storage modules. The building on the outside is covered with polycarbonate panels which are illuminated in the evening, so it is easy to see from the Europalaan.​

Presentation FAU Mackenzie

October 30, 2012

After the workshop in Sao Paulo at the FAU Mackenzie we gave a public presentation about our first ideas to transform the biggest Favela of Sao Paulo, Heliopolis.

P_0031 Symposium Housing for the Elderly

June 15, 2012

Yesterday, Ramon Scharff presented his project 'de Straten' at the Symposium' residence for the elderly in empty buildings Amsterdam’. A symposium organized by the OAR (elderly Advisory Amsterdam). In a study commissioned by the Academy of Architecture, students have investigated the possibility of transformation from vacant properties in Amsterdam to seniors housing. The project ‘de Straten’ is the transformation of the van Gendt Halen at the Oostenburgereiland in Amsterdam.

The Future of The Netherlands

April 11, 2012

Ramon Scharff, Christiaan Schuit, Milad Palesh, Abdessamed Azarfane, Pim van Tol, Tugrul Avuclu and Frank Zuilenkom participated in the Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2012. By submitting the Dutch Defender, a transformation of the afsluitdijk into a new city and defender against the water. So Holland is prepared for the future.

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